Who am I and what I am doing here

I’m a child born in Serbia.

Granny, dad’s mom, says that I am premature baby; I can hear doctors, nodding and explaining that I am born before 37th week of my mother pregnancy which means premature birth. They are also explaining a lot of incomprehensible terms related to inadequate conditions for MRI baby diagnosis and timely detection of pathological state, live-threatening. I really don’t know what life means, but if that’s a simple smile of my parents, my mom and dad, if that’s love they’re constantly offering, I must admit that I already like it.

My midwife, a very first conceived face I saw says that I arrived on this world a little bit early – „Little fellow, you really hurried up to meet us“– she said. I don’t know what is and how big is this world, but I believe I get to know you right….My dear strangers.

Daddy says I’m not the only one. In Serbia between 6.500 and 8.000 peers are born prematurely, every single year. He also says that there is no special incubator without metal parts and doctors are not able to perform unique MRI diagnosis.

This girl beside me, with beautiful wide smile, one big tooth, two little… and empty space, says that for MRI diagnosis children little bit older than me are waiting for 18 months. I don’t know how long that is. I don’t know how many times I need to sleep for that, but I know that she has the funniest smile in this hospital room in Novi Sad. With this smile she says its triple longer than I spent in my mom’s stomach. She also says that in 18 months her brother will finish 4th grade and first half of 5th grade.

So much talking and concerned faces because in Serbia doesn’t exist a special INCUBATOR, and Institute for Child and Youth Health Care of Vojvodina don’t have their own device for MAGNET RESONANCE. It seam its quite an expensive toy… they must develop logic and contribute fulfilling our plans for future.

When I grow up, I would like to be….

Daddy says that should just rest and stop bothering  with those things. He says I’m born in right place. He says that in Serbia exist many successful and well known entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, engineers, mathematicians, musicians, scientists…and they all will gather to support humanitarian campaign “Magnet for Love” which was initiated by TDE Services and MK Group.

I believe to my mom and dad, I believe what they say. I believe in their love. I believe in Magnet for Love. I’m sure this campaign will gather sufficient number of grown-up big-hearted people, open minded with positive spirit and that they all will be one big family. Together, they will buy incubator and magnetic resonance for my Institute for Child and Youth Health Care of Vojvodina and therefore reduce waiting time for MRI diagnosis of all children from Serbia in life-threatening situation.

I believe.

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