What is necessary for me

A lot of my friends are asking themself why is suddenly so important for some institituion for helathcare of kids in Serbia to have its own MRI device and incubator ? I was seeking a little bit for the answer, and i know the answer now because doctor from Institute for Child and Youth Health Care of Vojvodina has told me. I can now tell to all of my friends following :

Magnetic resonance for Institute for Child and Youth Health Care of Vojvodina

Institute have need for MRI device because similar devices which already exist in Kamenica and in Clinic center of Vojvodina are too occupied and children are waiting even 18 months for their first diagnostics. When MRI diagnostic is not possible, then something what is called computerized tomography of brain (CT) must be done, and that device is very dangerous because children are exposed to ionizing radiation. I am not sure, but that sounds to me really bad. In case that grown-ups could get that MRI device, waiting time for medical examination and CT tests will be reduced, as well as children ionizing radiation will not be exposure, and doctors will get valuable and vital information about children’s health condition, which is not case with use of CT imaging.

The first incubator in Serbia

Eeeh, about that incubator, that is something what is really cool and unique. This is something what will realy make me happy and my peers too. Thanks to that incubator we will be able to go to medical examinations which doctors could not perform until now. Me and my friends, prematurely born, we can have serious problems with lungs, heavy brain bleeding, oxygen brain damage, chronically lung diseases, serious stomach problems, damage of eye’s retina which can lead to blindness. And what is realy exciting is the fact that magnetic resonance with incubator  will be used also for babies who are born on time to diagnose various pathological brain conditions, conditions such are brain tissue bleeding or bleeding into brain chambers, damage caused by low presence of oxygen or blood circulation disorder, complicated infection of central nervous system, congenitaly disorders of brain growth – conginetaly anomalies of brain, congenitally disorders of metabolism which lead to changes in brain, etc. I have heard from one professor from the Institute that this devices could be used for recording other parts of body according to clinical needs and also thanks to that devices there is big posibility that some ilness can be threated on time. Wow, this is realy great!

I also heard that on places where MRI diagnostic is used it is called „golden standard“ of diagnostics. I will tell you one more thing for those who don’t know yet. I will tell the story why is so complicated to make a record of central nervous  system of pre-mature babies with magnetic resonance. It is because recording takes at least 40 minutes, and usually much longer. We should stay still during scanning – and for this this we receive sedatives. The doctor is next to us all the time, but we are in very tight chanel so access is difficult. For us, babies who are receiving sedatives, we really need carefull supervision. Monitoring for tracking of hearth puls, breathing, oxygen saturation is needed. We are very sensitive on effects of sedatives, because we, premature babies, can stop breathing even without sedatives. The babies who  need MRI device, must also use medical respirator during diagnostics. Standard equipment can not be used during diagnostics, only special device which doesn’t have metal parts.These devices are included in incubator which is used for MRI. One more thing, because scanning take so long, it might get very cold for us, and that directly means that our breathing can stop and many other problems can happen.To avoid this overcooling, they put us in incubator. Standard incubators can not be used during MRI because they are contain metal parts. There is a need for special incubator which is adjusted for usage along with magnetic resonance and actualy that is the main point and the most important information for me and my peers, premature babies.

Strictly for this reason we would like to gather one big family which will help us to get this devices and in that way to help us and to give us a chance for a better and longer life.

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