One of the companies that initiated campaign Magnet for Love is TDE SERVICES. This company celebrates 25th birthday of expertise in engineering and energy field. I heard from my peers they are successfully working in several countries: Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Slovakia. I also heard that these young experts take care of kids like me. Last year for Children hospital in Zrenjanin they donated ECG for monitoring heart functions of children. Then, they donated cribs, shelves, racks and other necessary child equipment for Children hospital in Kikinda and gastro scope for Institute for Child and Youth Health Care of Vojvodina in Novi Sad.


Now, they have decided to make a big leap and gather considerable number of good people to help me and my peers, premature babies, to revive our dreams. I’m glad to see that this numerous people are interested in my health care. I hope this campaign will be successful, because this special device that we need still doesn’t exist in Serbia. I really like this title Magnet for Love, and I truly believe it’s going to gather enough grown people that will understand our idea and join the campaign.

That’s mean a lot to me – that means my Life.

“As the executive of a successful company with operations in several countries, I set great store by socially responsible corporate governance and feel obliged to leave a trace that matters, wherever we work in the field. As a mother of four, it is also personally important to me to help the cause of children’s health.”
„Children are our future; they’re future adults, so we’re responsible to lead this young generation through the path of growing. We should laugh and cry together and help them to stand up when they fall. When they are insecure to embrace them and be supportive all the time. As adults we are responsible not only as company executives, but first of all as parents. So, as human beings let’s help them through every phase of their and our life.”
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