I know that MK Group is helping youth in Serbia and that they are often taking part in humanitarian campaigns. This is not a first time that they are cooperating with Institute for healthcare of children and youths of Vojvodina. The Kostić family has concede their family house as an Endownment and now the kids from Institute, like I am, are comming here for recovery. I also heard about Youth House in the SOS Children’s village in Kraljevo that was built by MK Group, for teenagers without parents. Some of them are on the college now, and some of them have children of their own.

It’s nice to see that people wants to help and that you and your family are not alone, when somebody who can, care to help to me and my friends. I hope that other companies and people of good will join in this humanitarian campaign. I sincerely want to, one day, when me and my friends grow up, help out some other kids in need.

“The most valuable thing are children, and their smiles and happiness are the best joy for us. Unfortunately, life is cruel and challenging even for the youngest members of our society. In these situations sick children desperately need our support, to bring back smile, joy and insouciance. Aware of the institution’s limitations and importance of supportive acts for the afflicted we shouldn’t stand still and do nothing. We must build support circle and understand that our something is someone’s everything. This being said the community should take a part and help our children, our little warriors. To be human it’s not so hard, especially , when you know it’s placed right. For our children and better life, for our future.”
Miodrag KosticPresident of MK Group

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