Autograph for me


No way, nobody will believe that you came into the waiting room and sat next to me.

That you hugged me and told me to fight, told me to hold on!

You’re there for me?!

Because of you, my grandmother puts double glasses on, my dad walks around the house and talks like you. Uncle says that Grandpa had almost died that day when you were fighting for a medal, and won. Mom says that because of you, the stadium is always full to the last seat, but now, now you’re sitting in an empty waiting room next to me.

Can’t wait to get better and tell to all my friends that you, so great, supported me.

Thanks for your support when they told me that my chances were tiny.

Thanks for your autograph!

Državni posao


Vladimir Grbic


Fudbalski Savez Vojvodine


Zoran Kesić


The Frajle

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