PRESS RELEASE – Humanitarian campaign “Magnet for Love” fundraise bank account is open



Novi Sad, November 17, 2015. –  Beginning of the fundraise for the Magnetic Resonance (MRI), associated equipment and first specialized incubator for MRI diagnosis of premature born babies, newborns , children and youth officially is published on Tuesday , November 17. at the press conference held in Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina in Novi Sad. On press conference held on the World Prematurity Day, humanitarian foundation “Magnet for Love” was presented by their founder companies MK Group and TDE Services. Their idea is to provide MRI and special incubator for Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina and it is going to be the first of a kind in Serbia. This will enable MRI examination and  accurate diagnostics for prematurely born children and newborns.

“To ensure help for people in need is a part of our business daily tasks. The reason we initiated campaign “Magnet for Love” is that we think that the youngest members of society shouldn’t be waiting for timely diagnosis and healthcare” , said Gorana Vuksanović, HR director MK Group. She added, “ I hope that others will also recognize importance of this campaign and join us, so we could provide purchase of these medical devices in a short time period”.

By purchasing Magnetic resonance, Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina might be the only one who have it. Beside that, more than 4000 examinations per year will be provided instead of 830 which is now. The waiting period for diagnosis will be reduced and disburden of other institutions as well.

“It is my pleasure as a host to officially open the humanitarian campaign “Magnet for Love”. Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Voivodina provides tertiary level healthcare for AP Voivodina. The small rate of newborn mortality (only 0.357 per year) witnesses successful healthcare approach. Experienced stuff and sophisticated equipment are just one of the reasons for accomplishing this results. Still, they need MR device for diagnoses. Now, children were diagnosed in Institute of oncology, KC Voivodian , and they need to be escorted to this facility by doctor and medical technician. We have referred to the public and as a result the humanitarian campaign “Magnet for Love” and foundation “Magnet for Love” were established, powered by social responsible companies MK Group and TDE Services. We didn’t chose this opening date accidentally, because today is the World Prematurity Day and our intention is to purchase an special incubator which enable MRI diagnosis of this sensitive population. This will be first of a kind device in Serbia!”, said prof. dr Slobodan Grebeldinger, director of Institute for Child and Youth Health Care of Vojvodina.


“Humanitarian campaign “Magnet for Love” was initiated with purpose of social responsible involvement of our company to contribute better life of the children and all society. . I sincerely hope that many more companies , institutions and single donators will recognize the importance of this unique campaign and that they will join us. Together, as adults and parents we are responsible for our children and whole society as well. First of all as a parents and then as a entrepreneurs our responsibility is to help like human beings as much we can in any phase their and our life”, said  Istvan Gyerman, director of TDE Services.


In Serbia we have 6.500 do 8.000 premature babies, that still have no opportunities for MRI examination, some children wait for scan up to 18 months. With Magnetic resonance, associated equipment and special incubator , MRI examinations in Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina is going to be available five instead of two days per week, and for emergency 24/7,  365 days per year. This will significantly improve prompt diagnosis and healthcare.

At the opening of fundraise campaign “Magnet for Love” promotional video was officially played. The main actors were children from Creative center CEKOM, Zrenjanin and pupils from second grade attending elementary school “Vuk Karadžić”. The promotional photos taken by Mr Pavle Taboroši were also exhibited.


Ambassadors of humanitarian campaign Dejan Ćirjaković and Nikola Škorić, a famous actors in the popular sitcom “Državni Posao” invited all public figures to participate and help. This philanthropic campaign should improve medical system for premature babies , newborns, children and youth.


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