Humanitarian Campaign “Magnet for Love” – cocktail evening fundraise



Belgrade, 1st of December 2015.- Humanitarian campaign “Magnet for Love”, powered by MK group, TDE Services, Serbian manager association and “Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina” were organizing cocktail evening fundraising event in the Belgrade hotel “88 Rooms”. By virtue of  humanity, until now, companies and single donators have raised around 50 thousand euros. This founds will be transferred on the bank account of the humanitarian campaign “Magnet for Love”, which will help us purchasing necessary equipment (MRI device , special incubator and following equipment) for prematurely born babies worth 750 thousand euros. People of goodwill can donate via bank account 150-5555511-36 (AIK Bank). Also, you can send SMS to 6754 and this way you will donate 100 RSD. This number from 2nd December should be activated. Buying this priceless devices the “Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina” is going to be the first one in Serbia which will be able to provide accurate MRI diagnoses for premature children and newborn babies.


Video: Humanitarian Campaign MAGNET FOR LOVE – Prof. Dr Slobodan Grebeldinger (Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina)

“Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina provides tertiary level healthcare for AP Vojvodina. The small rate of newborn mortality (only 0.357 per year) witnesses successful healthcare approach. Experienced stuff and sophisticated equipment are just one of the reasons for accomplishing this results. Still, they need MRI device for diagnoses. Now children were taking diagnostics in Institute of oncology, KC Vojvodina , and for this they need to be escorted by doctor and medical technician. We have referred to the public and as a result humanitarian campaign “Magnet for Love” and foundation “Magnet for Love” were established, powered by publicly responsible companies MK Group and TDE Services. This will be first of a kind device in Serbia!”, said Prof. Dr Slobodan Grebeldinger, director of Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina.


Video: Humanitarian Campaign MAGNET FOR LOVE – Istvan Gyerman (TDE SERVICES)

“All of us present tonight in this beautiful hotel, managers, directors who have business with statistics and analysis on daily basis. Our main goal is to achieve the best professional results. Beside that we should constantly think about and take care of our society and their youngest members, our children. Our future relays on them, so our responsibility is to provide the best possible environment for their growth. I sincerely hope that “Magnet for Love” will gather many people as a family members, so that we can get MRI device and special incubator with all associated equipment for prematurely born babies of Serbia”, said Istvan Gyerman, director of TDE Services.


Video: Humanitarian Campaign MAGNET FOR LOVE – Gorana Vuksanović (MK Group)

“We started this campaign thinking about the children from Vojvodina and how they can get prompt and efficient diagnosis for a better rehabilitation opportunity. We are aware that our youngest, our little warriors, shouldn’t be waiting so long. That’s why we are here to bring the smiles, joy and insouciance back on their little faces. From the middle of November until now we have raised around 50 thousand euros. I appeal and call all willing companies and single donators to join us and participate, said Gorana Vuksanović ,HR director MK Group.


Video: Humanitarian Campaign MAGNET FOR LOVE – Serbian Association of Managers

Many companies and single donators showed human face on humanitarian campaign cocktail evening fundraise. Importance of MRI device lays in providing necessary diagnosis for premature and newborn babies. Magnet resonance (MR) gives the best scan of brain and spinal cord diagnosis, which is the best way of monitoring different tumors. With this device the Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina could enable around 4000 MRI diagnosis per year instead of 830 which is now. The waiting period for examinations should be reduced and disburden of other facilities as well.


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