Annually more than 7000 premature babies in Serbia anticipate first incubator and magnetic resonance



Fundraising Campaign “Magnet for Love” intends purchasing first special incubator used with magnetic resonance in Serbia, MRI device and all the associated equipment for examining and making diagnoses of premature babies, newborns, children and youths will be launched in the middle of November 2015. The humanitarian campaign “Magnet for Love” is initiated by TDE Services and MK Group together with Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina.

During 2014., in Serbia was born 66.461 babies, among them 7000 were prematurely born before 37th gestational week. Worldwide more than 15 millions premature babies. In fact, every 10th baby is premature. Survival for babies born between 24th and 37th week with body weight less 2.500gr is uncertain, so they need long term healthcare and special medical equipment.

Premature or underweight babies are faced with numerous health problems and risks problems such as the immaturity of the lungs (respiratory distress syndrome); difficult bleeding in the brain and cerebral chamber; brain damage due to lack of oxygen; chronic lung disease (bronchopulmonary dysplasia); colon damage (necrotizing enterocolitis); retinal damage of the eye which endangers the child’s eyesight (retinopathy of premature infants), explains the manager of Pediatrics Clinic Prof. Dr Aleksandra Stojadinović. For all this health problems we need prompt diagnosis and appropriate healthcare which could be provided with new magnetic resonance.

There is no medical institution in Serbia that could offer MRI diagnosis for premature babies which would significantly help in determining  numerous health problems and risks such as poor lungs function (respiratory distress system), brain or brain core bleeding, brain dysfunction caused by lack of oxygen,  brain anomaly, or innate metabolism brain disorder. This device could also be used for discovering pathological conditions , adds Prof. Dr Aleksandra Stojadinović.

Magnetic resonance imaging takes 40min or more. During this period of time patient should stay still and he need anesthesia which also requires adequate equipment. While this imaging the cooling is concomitant process that should be stopped by placing baby in incubator, using respiratory, temperature, blood pressure measuring equipment. Standard incubators are not appropriate for MRI, because of their metal parts. If Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina get this special incubator (without metal parts), Magnetic resonance and following equipment it will be the first of a kind in Serbia, stressed the manager of Institute, Prof. Dr Slobodan Grebeldinger. He adds that their own magnetic resonance could be used for diagnosis and therefore reduce waiting list of 18 months for this medical service. This will disburden MRI devices from Sremska Kamenica and Clinical Center of Vojvodina, it will also reduce ionized radiation exposure of children and youths during CT examination and their transport to those facilities. The Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina takes healthcare of more than 660.000 children and adolescents form all Vojvodina, says, Prof. Dr Slobodan Grebeldinger.

Premature babies in Serbia will get first incubator and magnetic resonance  by virtue of Serbian entrepreneurs, public figures and all big-hearted people that will join Humanitarian Campaign “Magnet for Love” , initiated by TDE Services and MK Group. Fundraise for purchasing the necessary equipment for MRI diagnosis is going to start in the middle of November. The people of Serbia who cares of our youngest’s health and their future we invite you to join us, stressed “Magnet for Love” organizers.

Support humanitarian campaign “Magnet for Love”, support the future of boys & girls of Serbia.


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