Milos Tucakov by TABOROSI photography
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Aleksandra Kis by TABOROSI photography



On 17th October, at the Cultural Centre in Zrenjanin, the promotional video & photo material of the humanitarian campaign “Magnet for Love” was taken. The ​​Aleksandar Solomon’s idea, as an author and director of this first promotional video was to present children in “an adults role” and their plans for future (“when they grow up”)., On their own way, they wanted to affect on adults to support the campaign “Magnet for Love” and give a hand those boys and girls who need help to reach their plans for the future.

In front of the cameras of Aleksandar Solomun (U.G. Transverzala) and Pavle Taboroši, the first public call was released by the second grade pupils of the elementary school “Vuk Karadžićfrom Zrenjanin. That were eight-year-old Boris Poš (astronaut), Sofija Hinda (vet), Katarina Stankov (makeup artist), Novak Milekić (guitarist), Ognjen Simić (football player), Lazar Ružić (truck driver), Julije Kralik (policeman), Nevena Kesić (ballerina), Irina Rajačić (civil engineer) and Eleonora Zakar (fashion designer), as well as participants of Creative Centre CEKOM from Zrenjanin: Nemanja Savić (military officer, 10), Aleksandar Radanov (basketball player, 11), Milica Tucakov (painter artist, 8), Aleksandar Kiš (firefighter, 3) and Aleksandra Kiš (baker, 5). Also, the contribution for first promotional video gave Iva Čarkić (2) and Iris Ungur (gymnastics, 9) from Zrenjanin, Matija Čati (biker, 8) from Velika Greda, Aleksa Ivanović (firefighter, 5) and Lena Ivanović (queen, 3) from Novi Sad. After supportive call for humanitarian campaign “Magnet for Love”, a four-year-old Miloš Tucakov (playing with cubes) from CEKOM, sent a clear message of the whole idea, by saying that when he grows up, he will become (remain) a Human.

Apart from listed the people who also helped in making this video which premiere we will expect in late October, were, the TDE Services coordinators: Dejan Pavlov, Florin Besu, Vladimir Muškinja and Igor Ungur; then Vladimir Đurić, program director of the Cultural Centre of Zrenjanin; Smiljana Tucakov, founder of the Creative Centre CEKOM, teacher Daliborka Putić from Zrenjanin and kindergarten teacher Saša Ivanović from Novi Sad. The friends of humanitarian campaign who also helped were Partybox (sale and rental of costumes) and Maslačak Art from Belgrade, SOLOMOON Kranovi from Elemir, which provided a technical support for filming, Total Idea (marketing agency) from Novi Sad which produced a logo, MPL Agency from Belgrade, which is currently developing the website and Orion Telekom, who provided domain “rs” and the free web hosting.

The unique humanitarian campaign “Magnet for Love”, powered by companies TDE Services from Novi Sad, MK Group from Belgrade and the Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina from Novi Sad, (soon Foundation Magnet for Love), are fundraising the purchase for the first special incubator, magnetic resonance and associated equipment, necessary for premature babies MRI diagnostics. In Serbia, there is 6500 to 8000 those new-borns every year. New-borns, who don’t have the possibility for this type of medical service; children and youths, some of them  are waiting up to 18 months for this kind of necessary diagnostics.

For this reason the organizers of the campaign are grateful to the institutions and companies who have already participated in humanitarian campaign, as well as a number of companies that have announced their participation, and the media and celebrities who have confirmed support, partnership and sponsorship. Also we’re thankful to the parents whose children participated in a promotional video & photo shooting.

We are still expecting your help and support to accomplish our plans for the future!


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