Launched a unique and necessary campaign Magnet for Love



The companies TDE Services and MK Group launched a unique humanitarian campaign “Magnet for Love”, which aims to gather a large number of entrepreneurs, public figures and adults with a big heart around the unique philanthropic ideas that will result in the purchase of the first incubator in Serbia, magnetic resonance and supporting MRI diagnostic equipment for premature babies, infants, children and youth, which will directly make possible the realization of great plans for the future of our children.

In Serbia annually born from 6,500 to 8,000 premature babies (10 to 12%), which still do not have the possibility of unique and modern MRI diagnostics in order to determine the necessary variety of pathological conditions, often life-threatening. None of the health institutions in Serbia still does not possess specialized incubator which could difficult diseased neonates provide the necessary sophisticated diagnostics for the timely treatment of problems such as the immaturity of the lungs (respiratory distress syndrome); difficult bleeding in the brain and cerebral chamber; brain damage due to lack of oxygen; chronic lung disease (bronchopulmonary dysplasia); colon damage (necrotizing enterocolitis); retinal damage of the eye which endangers the child’s eyesight (retinopathy of premature infants). According to Prof.Dr Aleksandra Stojadinović, the Manager of the Paediatric Clinic of the Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina (IZZZDIOV), the existence of incubator will prevent radiation to which the patient is exposed to during computed tomography scan (CT) and MRI diagnostics is considered the “gold standard” in the diagnosis, and would contribute to the early determination of complicate infections of the central nervous system; congenital disorders and abnormalities in brain development as well as congenital metabolic disorders which provide changes in the brain in premature babies, but also in term neonates. Magnetic resonance, if the institution own mentioned incubator, could be used to record other parts of the body of infants according to their clinical needs.

The Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina is a health institution that provides tertiary health care for children from birth to the age of 18, and provides health care to approximately 660,000 children and adolescents from all over the Vojvodina. The largest health institutions for children does not possess its magnetic resonance, and medical commission decides that their patients with the most acute illnesses, who are in the worst state, refer to the necessary diagnostics to the Institute in Sremska Kamenica or in the Clinical Center of Vojvodina. As explained by Prof. Dr Slobodan Grebeldinger, Manager of IZZZDIOV, weekly in the mentioned institutions there can only refer 16 patients per week (approximately 830 inspections per year), or refer the children of 7 years and adolescents who are scheduled by outpatient MRI diagnostics (in about 1000 patients per year), and given that the existing devices for MRI diagnostics in Institute in Sremska Kamenica and the Clinical Center of Vojvodina very burdened, some children are waiting up to 18 months for scan. When the above institutions are not able to provide conditions for MRI children examination, in the Institute (IZZZDIOV) is performed CT examination, which means exposing them to ionizing radiation.

By purchasing a compatible incubator for the first diagnosis of newborns in Serbia and magnetic resonance for IZZZDIOV, with following equipment for MRI diagnostics of newborns, despite the fact that early diagnostic make possible that certain conditions threatening the lives of children at the time treat, with adequate access and way, would achieve a number of positive effects, such as significant shortening of waiting time for MRI examinations, would significantly reduce the exposure of children to ionizing radiation during CT scans, the diagnostic should be performed within IZZZDIOV and avoid the transport of children accompanied by doctors, nurse and driver to another health facility for MRI examinations; This should be the only children’s health institution on the territory of Vojvodina, which has a magnetic resonance which would significantly reduce the burden of other facilities that obligingly performed MRI examinations for the purpose of IZZZDIOV; and it is estimated that it would be possible to carry out about 4,000 examinations per year.

By purchasing the first specialized incubators (without metal parts) with magnetic resonance  for MRI diagnosis of premature babies and term neonates, the Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina will be the only institution in Serbia that could provide this kind of sophisticated medical services, says director prof. Dr  Slobodan Grebeldinger.

Bearing in mind the above facts and sensitive needs of the youngest members of our society, but above all, having faith in the success and the ability to get around the philanthropic ideas to gather as many entrepreneurs and companies, public figures, and a sufficient number of adults with a big heart, an open and positive spirit, company TDE Services and the holding company MK Group have launched a unique humanitarian campaign under slogan “Magnet for Love”. Following the fundamental idea of their professional activities, guided by the idea about transparent implementation, in joint humanitarian campaign, directors Ištvan Đerman (TDE Services) i Jovan Purar (MK Group), decided to form a single, dedicated foundation Magnet for Love, whose main aim will be collecting the necessary 750,000 euros for the purchase of the first special incubator in Serbia, magnetic resonance and related equipment necessary for the MRI diagnostics of premature babies, infants, children and youth. Public invitation to entrepreneurs from Serbia will be submitted at a donor conference in mid-November, after the establishment of the Foundation “Magnet for Love” when in IZZZDIOV will be the presentation of promotional materials eponymous philanthropic campaign of all citizens of Serbia.


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